No matter if they are the slow-moving moaners from Night of the Living Dead or those fast f**** in 28 Days Later, you gotta love these ghoulish creature, the zombies!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zombie Caricatures!

So for those of you who don't know how I got into the Zombie Biz, 3 years back I started a project baaaasically to keep me busy and off the streets..well....not the streets anyways, but to keep me from dyin' from boredom. I myspaced (yeahp, when THAT was popular) and facebooked everyone who wanted a "zombie caricature" to message me. I got a surprising response, requests, everything from celebrities to movie stars to personal caricatures..i drew somethin' like 70 odd zombies in a month's time. That inspired me to keep drawin' zombies (which I NEVER drew before that project, really at all) and thus this blog was born. I initially considered this to be an annual project I'd take on every October, but if I can get a good response...I might just keep it longer..which I hope to do!! Photobucket Digital copies (facebook size) will be formatted as you see with the sample pictures below. Digital copies are $10. For those of you that would like something physical to hold and to show off (which would make me VERY flattered), I can make actual prints, 11x14 size, poster paper (semi-gloss) for $25. And you'd get the digital copy along with the actual poster. Bam. Just like that. *PLACE THE ORDER WITH THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN **E-MAIL ME OR FACEBOOK ME THE PIC YOU WANT ME TO USE** ***email address: ***facebook: Photobucket All pictures, and/or any kind of special requests, please send them to: with the title "zombie caricature" Also, please e-mail me at this address with an e-mail address (if not the one you provide when making your order) that you want your digital copy sent to. OR add me on facebook...and I'll tag your picture and put it up on your wall. :D my facebook address is: Photobucket Poster deliveries, I will try to ship them as sooooon as I get them, but please allow for 1-2 weeks. ALL ORDER $ is going to my "Graphic Novel Fund", I'm in the process of writing/drawing my FIRST graphic novel and need help to print it!!! So any orders would help me just that much closer to my dream of printing out my own graphic novel... Thank you for any/all help in advance, and hope to hear from you guys soon! BRAAAAIIIINZZZZZZ. -Jeremy The Artist

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