No matter if they are the slow-moving moaners from Night of the Living Dead or those fast f**** in 28 Days Later, you gotta love these ghoulish creature, the zombies!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zombie Caricatures Live Event A SUCCESS!

Last weekend I did a Live Zombie Caricature event at Austin Books & Comics (5002 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78751) that turned out to be QUITE a successful event! 30 people were zombified in about 6 hours time. I had maybe two 5 min breaks towards the end (my bladder could only last so long!), and I was sore for the next day, BUT IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT. I met so many great and wonderful people at the event, not to mention having the support of one of the best comic stores I'VE EVER BEEN TO and ALL MY FRIENDS that came by to support me! If you are a fan of this site or of my work, do know that Austin Books stands in the highest regards with me and I recommend them for all your comic book needs. Even if you are NOT a big comic book person..the store is still really neat to go into as it offers a variety of merchandise including shirts, caps, posters and toys among other great products. Below is the "Thank You Card" I made for them, thank you to Brandon, the top dog of Austin Books for giving me the opportunity and to Austin Books, for being the great place that it is! -Jeremy The Artist Austin Books-; ***To SEE the caricatures that were done at the live event, go to and check out the "live caricature event" photo album!!**** Photobucket